Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid to Feature Ignite Education Group’s Pioneering Approach to Personalized Education
Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid to Feature Ignite Education Group’s Pioneering Approach to Personalized Education

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Our teachers and administrators utilize a variety of data and assessment tools…to customize learning for every student’s academic, social, and environmental needs.”

— Dr. Kelly Van Sande

CHARLOTTE, NC, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2024 / — Viewpoint, the acclaimed educational program hosted by actor Dennis Quaid, has selected Ignite Education Group and its schools, Ignite Learning Academy (ILA) and Ignite Achievement Academy (IAA), to be the focal point of an upcoming episode highlighting personalized education and educational options.

Ignite Learning Academy (ILA) is a leading online private school serving grades K-12, with a diverse student body enrolled from across the United States and around the globe. ILA offers a comprehensive educational experience, including general education, a self-contained gifted program, and a self-contained specialized program for students with special needs. The academy has garnered national recognition, being named a “Top School” by for the past three consecutive years. Fully accredited and NCAA approved, ILA boasts a remarkable 99% parent and student satisfaction rate. One parent, in a recent survey, praised the school’s exceptional teachers and comprehensive curriculum, noting the strong connections teachers build with students and their consistent availability for assistance. ILA also provides a variety of virtual clubs, and even in-person field trips, offering students a chance to interact outside of academic settings.

Ignite Achievement Academy (IAA), located in Charlotte, NC, with an additional location set to open in north Charlotte for the upcoming school year in August 2024, is fully accredited by COGNIA and serves students in grades K-12. Ignite Achievement Academy specializes in working with students facing learning barriers such as learning disabilities, language disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, and depression. Through compassionate, structured teaching practices and a commitment to the whole child, IAA equips students with the skills and support needed to thrive. With an average class size of 6:1, each student receives personalized attention and support, fostering a conducive environment for academic and social success.

“At IAA, we focus on equipping students with the essential academic and life skills necessary to successfully complete coursework, solve problems, and meet the academic and social demands within the school environment,” said Dr. Kelly Van Sande, founder of Ignite Education Group. “Our teachers and administrators utilize a variety of data and assessment tools, including the school-developed academic plan, to customize learning for every student’s academic, social, and environmental needs.”

Both ILA and IAA offer a robust educational program founded on decades of educational research. The schools continuously improve and update their methods and materials to maximize student learning. This commitment to personalized education and student success is what drew the attention of Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid.

Scheduled for filming on Thursday, May 9, 2024, at Ignite Achievement Academy in Charlotte, NC, the episode will explore Ignite’s exceptional academic success, particularly in serving students with special needs and those requiring alternative learning approaches. Viewpoint will capture footage within classrooms and conduct interviews with administrators, faculty, and parents to showcase Ignite’s innovative approach to education.

“Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid reaches millions of households and is known for its insightful exploration of educational topics. The episode featuring Ignite Education Group is expected to air this summer, inspiring viewers to consider new approaches to personalized education and educational options,” added Dr. Van Sande.

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Ignite Education Group is a leading provider of innovative educational solutions dedicated to transforming lives through personalized teaching, learning, and service. As the parent company of Ignite Learning Academy and Ignite Achievement Academy, and a supporter of educational options through the non-profit, Education Ignited, we are committed to providing exceptional educational experiences that meet the diverse needs of every child, ages 3-18.

At Ignite Education Group, we believe that education should be tailored to each student’s unique strengths, interests, and learning styles. That’s why our schools offer a range of flexible and personalized learning options, including online and on-campus programs, to ensure every student receives the support they need to succeed. Learn more about the schools at and

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