The Platform That Boosts Creator Commissions By 2-5x Rolls Out New Support Suite to Maximize Peak Shopping Moments

MADISON, Wis., March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As Amazon’s Big Spring Sale is slated to rival Prime Day records this week, URLgenius, the industry pioneer in app linking, is proud to unveil a groundbreaking suite of productivity tools to fortify the creator community. With a focus on speed, reliability, and flexibility, URLgenius is setting a new standard in codeless app deep linking specifically tailored to elevate and maximize influencer campaigns during this and other peak-shopping moments throughout the year.

“URLgenius’ capabilities not only drastically reduce the time needed to create links, but also provide a level of simplicity and efficiency critical during fast-paced sales events like Amazon’s Spring Sale,” said lifestyle creators Shannon Rehlinger and Stephanie Sperb of High Heels & Cartwheels. “The Browser Extension Bookmarklet is something our team quickly adopted and now uses every day in our operations to give my followers instant access to top deals.”

The suite includes several innovative features:

  • Bookmarklet Browser Extension: Converts affiliate links into app deep links via an easy-to-use browser plugin.
  • Automated Link Tagging: Tag and organize links by campaign, product, or event for easy retrieval.
  • Siri Voice Commands: Transform affiliate links by Siri voice commands into app deep links, simplifying the process for on-the-go influencers.
  • Multi-link Composer: Create hundreds of app deep links simultaneously, with customizable link paths for targeted campaigns.
  • Instant App Linking: Scale app linking to hundreds or thousands of products with a simple prefix, ensuring no opportunity is missed during the Spring Sale frenzy.

About URLgenius: URLgenius is the premier, patent-protected global app-linking platform1 that empowers marketers and creators of all sizes to create fluid app-to-app linking experiences to enhance engagement, conversions, and affiliate commissions. 

Having facilitated over $1.3 billion in e-commerce sales in Q4 ’23 alone, URLgenius is renowned for its innovative approach that foregoes the need for SDKs, URLgenius offers unparalleled reliability, speed, and flexibility, all while prioritizing privacy. 

Favored by leading content creators, agencies, and brands worldwide, URLgenius reduces friction for the end user when linking to apps and websites from social media, and digital and traditional advertising. Connect with us as we continue to evolve alongside the influencer ecosystem with even more groundbreaking solutions on URLgenius.com, learn best practices on our blog, and follow us on LinkedIn.

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1 1.Klais, B.(2012, November 7). US9742661B2 – Uniform Resource Locator Mapping and Routing System Method – Google Patents.


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