Otelier Launches DigiPay to Automate Accounts Payable Processes for Hotel Operators
Otelier Launches DigiPay to Automate Accounts Payable Processes for Hotel Operators

Otelier DigiPay allows hotel operators to eliminate time spent processing invoices and cutting checks to pay suppliers to further streamline back office operations.

ATLANTA, June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Otelier, the hospitality performance optimization platform that puts data and efficiency at the heart of hotel operations, has launched a new product, Otelier DigiPay, that automates accounts payable workflows to unlock efficiency for hotel operators.

DigiPay eliminates unnecessary time and money that hotel general managers and finance teams spend processing invoices and cutting and mailing checks to pay suppliers. The software automates hotel accounts payable workflows, allowing businesses to receive and store invoices digitally, route invoices for authorization, verify billing accuracy, and pay suppliers online.

“As labor costs continue to add pressure to the bottom line, finding ways to work more efficiently and effectively has become paramount for hoteliers,” said Otelier CEO Vic Chynoweth. “Accounts payable is a critical function within hotels and management groups, and reducing the number of hours it takes to manage, approve and pay invoices, while assuring accuracy, can result in significant savings.”

DigiPay solves for three of the top challenges accounts payable teams face today:

  • Authorize supplier invoices quickly. Hoteliers can easily verify invoice accuracy and streamline workflows to automatically direct invoices to the proper stakeholders.
  • Pay suppliers online. Hoteliers can automate writing checks for supplier payments, send invoice payments with no fees, and track payment statuses with a secure bank connection.
  • Manage supplier profiles and invoice records. Hoteliers can ensure invoices are accurate by managing billing and payment histories with detailed invoice records and supplier profiles in indexed cloud storage. 

“With DigiPay, I no longer worry about duplicate invoices, and we were able to implement an auditable approval process. Paying invoices became highly organized and easy from a manager and back-office perspective,” said Prince Singh, Chief Operating Officer at Five Rivers Hospitality, an owner-operator with more than 30 hotels. “We were probably spending 6 to 7 hours per week paying invoices, and now we can do the work in almost half the time.”

DigiPay can be implemented as a standalone accounts payable automation tool or bundled with Otelier’s other back-office automation and business intelligence solutions for more robust accounting functionality and deeper analytics. Otelier’s suite of products includes:

  • DigiAudit: A night audit compliance software that allows hoteliers to centralize and store nightly reports, automate signature workflows, and stay in audit compliance, while reducing operating expenses.
  • TruePlan: A budgeting and forecasting software that allows hoteliers to simplify and streamline budgeting processes and forecast with confidence.
  • IntelliSight: A business intelligence software that allows hoteliers to aggregate cross-functional data for powerful analysis and insights.
  • DigiPay: An accounts payable automation software that moves supplier payment workflows into a digital environment to manage, verify, authorize and pay invoices.
  • Rec: An automated financial reconciliation software to automatically detect accounting discrepancies for bank and OTA reconciliations and income audit journaling.

To learn more about how Otelier automates back office tasks and eases decisions making to help hoteliers get back to hospitality, visit otelier.io.

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Otelier serves more than 10,000 hotels across the globe by empowering companies with the data and efficiencies they need to get back to delivering exceptional hospitality. The platform enables hoteliers to run world-class operations by automating back-office tasks, improving budget and forecast accuracy, and gaining real-time insights into property and portfolio performance. Otelier launched in 2024 after the consolidation of several best-in-class hotel technology solutions by private equity firm Cove Hill Partners. The company now employs more than 300 team members with remote offices in North America and Asia Pacific. Learn more about the hospitality software behind every great host at otelier.io

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