New AI Search Tool Bagoodex Reboots the Joy of Web Surfing

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Just ask anything and get the most accurate answer, enhanced with beautiful images, videos and links to sources.

Bagoodex – a new search engine designed to deliver high-quality and relevant results without the hassle of sifting through numerous sites – celebrated its highly anticipated public launch on June 27th. The arrival of Bagoodex and its use of artificial intelligence marks a significant shift in the direction of online search. 

Overwhelmed by reports of low-quality content and irrelevant search results, several major search engines are under pressure to provide their users with better information. Poor user experience now forces searchers to navigate countless websites before they find direct and accurate answers. Bagoodex has been launched to solve this critical issue by delivering instant, precise, and high-quality results on a single page. Its design sets a new benchmark for online search efficiency and aesthetics.

Bagoodex’s unique algorithm scans the internet to collect only the most relevant and useful information based on the user's search parameters. Once the user’s request is confirmed, Bagoodex generates concise text with links to all sources. The new search tool goes one step further, enhancing search results with photo and video recommendations. Users can also find AI weather forecasts, detailed location descriptions that include maps and photos, and more.

The creators behind Bagoodex aim to clean up the internet and make data access more fair and equitable. One step towards this outcome is providing free access to its GPT search, with no registration needed and features offered in multiple languages. Bagoodex is also ad-free, ensuring users receive accurate information without distractions or result bias from paid partners. 

Bagoodex guarantees full privacy, protecting user data and search history, features that are crucial for any cutting-edge search engine. Paul Sokolov, CEO of Bagoodex, commented, “Bagoodex is dedicated to making the internet cleaner and ensuring equal access to data for the communities. We believe this will revolutionize how we search online. You'll notice the difference after your very first query.”

The new Bagoodex search tool can be found at

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