Moshpit and Meta-Stadiums Collaborate with Winston Baker to Provide A 3D Experience for Cannes 2024
Moshpit and Meta-Stadiums Collaborate with Winston Baker to Provide A 3D Experience for Cannes 2024

Cannes 3D Immersive Experience by Moshpit & Meta-Stadiums

The Virtual 2024 Cannes Experience Is One of a Kind

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Moshpit Teams Up With Meta-Stadiums To Host an Immersive 3D Experience For The 2024 Cannes International Film Finance Forum Powered by Winston Baker.

It’s always exciting to be at the forefront of such innovations and opportunities to showcase the next generation of technology on some of the largest stages in the world.”

— Delence A. Sheares Sr., Meta-Stadiums Chairman/CEO

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 16, 2024 / — Concert-Gaming platform Moshpit XR, LLC and global metaverse developer Meta-Stadiums Corp team up to provide an immersive 3D experience for the 2024 Cannes International Film Finance Forum in partnership with iconic Winston Baker, May 14th thru May 25th. Winston Baker is a leading global entertainment industry content curator addressing strategies for Finance, Music, Ent-Tech, Web3 and Innovation.

Meta-Stadiums and Moshpit have each developed proprietary IP that enables Cannes Film Festival attendees both on location and remotely to experience the one-of-a-kind 14th annual International Film Finance Forum curated by Winston Baker, simply using their mobile device or laptop. This virtual component will be running simultaneously in real time over the duration of the film festival.

Winston Baker is once again pioneering innovation in the film industry and making history by bringing the highly anticipated 14th Annual International Film Finance Forum (IFFF) into the virtual world. The IFFF is where top-tier executives and award-winning filmmakers from around the world explore emerging trends, innovative finance strategies, international partnerships, sales & distribution trends, and essential tools for staying ahead.

The IFFF’s diverse panel discussions will offer invaluable insight into the ever-evolving world of entertainment finance as well as new content trends. The afternoon will also feature intimate fireside chats with industry VIPs, where they will share firsthand accounts of their journeys in the industry and their unfiltered advice.

“It has been an exciting, challenging, and revolutionary year for the Entertainment Industry, and the IFFF will dive into it all on May 17th. We are thrilled to be partnering with Moshpit and Meta-Stadiums on bringing our global audience to this immersive experience, especially the people that are unable to travel in person to Cannes this year”, said Amy Baker, CEO of Winston Baker.

This collaboration between Moshpit and Meta-Stadiums marks the first of potentially many subsequent high-profile collaborations since Meta-Stadiums has acquired a substantial equity position in the Moshpit ecosystem. Meta-Stadiums holds multiple exclusive licenses with top tier brands in addition to vital infrastructure encompassing super-compute, esports gaming platforms, and artificial intelligence.

“We at Moshpit are very excited to participate with Meta-Stadiums and Winston Baker in delivering a dynamic, enterable virtual world for anyone who desires to experience Cannes remotely in a new and exciting way. There is so much opportunity for innovation as many emerging technologies continue to converge; it’s an exciting time to be alive.” Darryl Swann, CEO of Moshpit XR, LLC.

The combination of Meta-Stadiums’ robust infrastructure and global relationships and Moshpit’s concert-gaming technology creates the potential for myriad strategic collaborations with global brands and also wholly owned products, installations and experiences.

About Meta-Stadiums Corp: Meta-Stadiums Corp is an innovative solutions company developing and deploying entertainment platforms in the metaverse focusing on mainstream sports teams, leagues, federations, conventions, festivals and concerts. By providing cutting-edge, end-to-end solutions and immersive experiences, Meta-Stadiums is helping shape the future of the sports and entertainment industries. To learn more about Meta-Stadiums and their revolutionary ecosystem, visit their website at:

About Winston Baker: Winston Baker produces conferences globally for the entertainment industry addressing strategies for finance, innovation and growth. In particular, Winston Baker is the leading producer of film finance conferences, successfully creating and organizing the Film Finance Forum ® Series and hosting sold out conferences across the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, China, and Latin America. For more information: / @WinstonBaker.

About Moshpit XR, LLC: Moshpit is a concert-gaming platform that enables music artists of all levels to create enterable shows from home. No downloading; no programming skill required; fans attend shows in full visual fidelity via browser using laptop, desktop, mobile, or VR. Moshpit has created proprietary IP for many aspects of concert-gaming experiences such as 100K AI-enabled dynamic non-player character (NPC) fans, AI-enhanced video-sprites, and also greatly simplifying the process of creating and customizing enterable 3D environments.

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