MOFT Debuts Snap Flow Notepad & Stand – Portable Focus Tool for Daily Activities

MOFT is excited to launch the Snap Flow Notepad & Stand, an all-in-one focus tool designed for smartphones, on Kickstarter. In the first 24 hours, it has reached 400% of its funding goal. This minimalist, origami-inspired design integrates a notepad, pocket organizer, built-in stand, and foldable pen, crafted to enhance your ability to quickly capture, organize, and focus on your ideas anywhere.

Analog Companion for Your Phone
The Snap Flow offers a tactile way to swiftly capture thoughts and deepen focus, turning ideas into actions. Its pen and paper encourage instinctive note-taking, boosting organization, efficiency, and creativity. Acting as a distraction-free zone, it shields users from digital interruptions, enhancing mindfulness and focus. Compatible with the MagSafe System, the Snap Flow seamlessly integrates into daily routines, facilitating frequent, thoughtful interactions in the digital world. 

Flow isn’t just about staying in the zone; it’s about smoothly moving from inspiration to creation to action. The Snap Flow is crafted to also physically flow with you to support this journey, adapting to your changing environments and needs with its minimalist yet comprehensive design.”-Julianna He, Founder of MOFT

Innovative Tri-Fold Design of the Invisible Pen
The Invisible Pen features a globally patented tri-fold design for immediate and seamless use. It unfolds flat for magnetic attachment and offers smooth, satisfying handwriting, enabling thoughts to flow freely.

3-Zone Design for Dynamic Actions
The Snap Flow features three zones—Canvas, Storage, and Reminder Board Stand—that facilitate a simple three-step creation loop: Capture, Organize, and Focus. The Canvas zone allows for quick idea capture and focused work without distractions. The Storage zone keeps thoughts well-organized and accessible. The Reminder Board Stand tracks progress and daily activities, turning any mobile device into an efficient workspace.

As a serial entrepreneur always on the go, I needed a focus tool to manage daily information overload and translate important details into actionable results without relying on an app. The intuitive nature of using pen and paper fosters deep thought and requires no learning curve. I can easily jot down thoughts and ideas, making it perfect for both planned activities and spontaneous moments of inspiration” - He

Focus-to-Action Loop
The Snap Flow provides a personal focus space that facilitates seamless transition from creative inspiration to decisive action. It supports a continuous loop of focus and productivity, allowing for shifts from idea generation to deep work throughout the day. With its MagSafe compatibility, it offers flexibility and agility, serving as a mobile focus system anywhere.

Key Features

  • 4-in-1 Tool: Pen, Paper, Organizer, and Stand
  • Foldable Invisible Pen, globally patented tri-fold design
  • MagSafe-compatible, secure snap attachment
  • Built-in Phone Stand, unfolds into a daily reminder
  • Dual layer organization, prioritize top-level actions and importance

Key Benefits

  • Instant on-the-go EDC
  • Focus-enhancing design
  • Enhanced organization and retrieval
  • Tactile note-taking experience
  • Eco-friendly MOVASTM vegan leather
  • 6 vibrant colors

Kickstarter pre-order $39 and launching August 1 on for $49.

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