HouseAmerica Financial Launches Personalized AI Tools for Mortgage Advisors
Leveraging AI to Empower Loan Officers: HouseAmerica's AI Tools Streamline Processes and Enhance Productivity for Loan Officers

HouseAmerica Financial, a California-based privately-held mortgage banking company, has announced the launch of a state-of-the-art suite of AI tools aimed at empowering its loan officers with their personal branding, marketing, and enhancing overall client experience. The company has incorporated cutting-edge AI technology to develop its proprietary AI platform that significantly simplifies the daily routine of mortgage advisors.

"My vision for HouseAmerica is to provide our loan officers not only with the largest inventory of loan programs, sharp pricing and on-time closings, but also to give them the absolute best-in-class technology available in the mortgage space," says Alan Pezeshkian, President of HouseAmerica Financial. "Earlier this year, we decided to make a significant investment in the creation of our own AI platform instead of relying on generic 'off-the-shelf' alternatives. Our technology will transform the way our company does business and give our loan officers a distinct advantage. For example, marketing tasks that used to take our loan officers several hours to perform can now be done in less than a few minutes, with the finished product even better than if manually produced." Pezeshkian also mentioned that "Integration of AI into all aspects of our business — especially with respect to marketing and social media - will be a game changer for our sales team."

The use of these personalized AI tools strengthens HouseAmerica Financial as an ideal destination for mortgage advisors looking for a well-capitalized and progressive mortgage company poised to expand its footprint into new markets and provide unparalleled service to its clients. 

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About HouseAmerica Financial

HouseAmerica Financial is a privately-owned mortgage banking company headquartered in La Canada, CA. It's licensed in 14 states and offers a 'hybrid banker/broker' platform with complete in-house processing, underwriting, and funding, coupled with numerous brokered relationships with the most prominent wholesale investors in the industry. The company is led by veteran of the mortgage industry Alan Pezeshkian who possesses over 35 years of experience. With a seasoned team of loan professionals and state-of-the-art resources, HouseAmerica has closed over $3.3 billion in volume since 2018 through its retail division and leveraging strategic relationships with real estate offices, home builders, accounting professionals, and its network of repeat clientele.

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