Hip Hop Announces New Genre ‘HipArte,’ a Fusion of Sound post it’s Celebrational 50th Yr Anniversary
Hip Hop Announces New Genre ‘HipArte,’ a Fusion of Sound post it’s Celebrational 50th Yr Anniversary

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NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hip Hop has been a dominant force in the music industry for decades, but one marketeer with a Marketing e.A.R ( e.vOLVE the A.nR) is looking to take it to new heights. In a recent interview, renowned writer and producer, evOLVE, shared his vision for the future of Hip Hop and how he plans to revolutionize the genre with his latest creation, HipArte.

evOLVE explained that he was inspired to create HipArte after reflecting on the current journey of Hip Hop. He stated, “I once thought to myself, that if it wasn’t already created I would’ve come up with it, or something like that, and so post it’s 50thyr Annvy I came up with a new category (genre) for the music and called it “HipArte.” Within this new genre, evOLVE hopes to give Hip Hop the flexibility to mature and evolve beyond its current limitations.

HipArte, which combines the words “Hip Hop” and “Arte” (the Spanish word for art), is a fusion of Hip Hop and various other musical elements. evOLVE believes that this new genre will not only attract a wider audience but also allow Hip Hop to continue to grow and evolve. He stated, “It wouldn’t be relegated to what it’s been relegated to, it would give it some flexibility to mature, and do other things that currently it seems like it’s not.”

With his extensive experience and success within music, evOLVE is confident that HipArte will make a significant impact and elevate the art form as a whole. He plans to release his first HipArte offering sometime this year, and fans are eagerly anticipating this new sound. evOLVE, hopes that other artists will also embrace this new genre and help it flourish.

Hip Hop fans and music enthusiasts alike can look forward to the birth of HipArte and the exciting possibilities it holds in the future of music. Stay tuned for more updates on evOLVE’s (krs2too) journey to evolutionize the music using HipArte.

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evOLVE & (Ai) ‘RETURN’ & introducing HipArte to All

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