Do Unto Others…’ which Promotes Tolerance
Do Unto Others…’ which Promotes Tolerance

UNITED STATES, June 17, 2024 / — What comes to mind when hearing the words ‘Golden Rule’? For many people, especially the younger Generation Z there is no defined response. There is a prevailing lack of awareness that the Golden Rule, otherwise known as the Ethic of Reciprocity, promotes tolerance and respectful behavior. Doing unto others as they would want to have done to ourselves provides a platform for respect and civility. This universal value with commonality in all faiths is highlighted in the documentary,

“The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others…”

“I applaud the film ‘The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others…’ and support initiatives that promote tolerance and dignity for everyone ” said, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, the Mayor of Surakarta to attending journalists.

Although Surakarta has long been known as a city rich in culture and diversity the city has been challenged to address rises in prejudice and discord. However, under the leadership and commitment of Mayor Gibran Surakarta has been recognized for achieving an extraordinary rise in the tolerance index.

Mayor Gibran, with his inclusive and innovative approaches to communal interaction, has contributed significantly in shaping Surakarta into a more tolerant and harmonious city. Since his first term in office, Mayor Gibran has demonstrated a strong commitment to the principles of tolerance and diversity.

One of the main strategies implemented by Mayor Gibran focused on education and outreach. The programs designed under his leadership placed special emphasis on the importance of harmony and tolerance between citizens. Through educational curriculum in schools and community activities, messages about the importance of respecting differences and peaceful coexistence were and continue to be conveyed.

In addition, Mayor Gibran has also encouraged dialogue between different communities creating spaces where residents can meet and exchange ideas on issues and their life experiences. On many occasions, Mayor Gibran was seen attending these dialogues, showing that he was not only a leader who directed from above, but also engaged directly with the community.

Another achievement by Mayor Gibran has been in the management of public policies that he has instituted. With regard to every policy that is being considered there is an effort to ensure that all community groups are represented and their interests are best accommodated. This has created a broader sense of social justice and equality, which is an important foundation for building tolerance.

It is also important to remember the unique aspect of Surakarta, namely its culture. Under Mayor Gibran’s leadership, Surakarta’s culture was not only preserved, but also served as a means to promote tolerance. Through cultural festivals, exhibitions and art performances, Surakarta’s diversity has been showcased with respect and dignity, a unifying influence and not a disconnecting one.

Mayor Gibran has also used technology and social media platforms to promote messages of tolerance. By using these platforms, he has succeeded in reaching a wider audience, especially the younger generation, who are key in ensuring the continuation of the values of tolerance.

Increasing the tolerance index is not an easy task and requires constant hard work and dedication. However, what Mayor Gibran together with the people of Surakarta have achieved deserves to be acknowledged. Surakarta is not only an example for other cities in Indonesia in terms of tolerance, but also for many cities throughout the world.

The increase in the tolerance index in Surakarta is not just a number. This is a reflection of an atmosphere of daily life that is more peaceful, harmonious and respectful of differences. This is proof that when the right leadership connects with a strong societal desire to coexist, positive change is possible.

This success also provides opportunities for Surakarta to become a role model in managing social harmony and diversity. With leadership that continues to innovate and a community that continues to be supportive, Surakarta has the potential to become an important paradigm for developing tolerance and social harmony.

For these reasons, the Visions of Peace Initiative (VOPI), has chosen to recognize Surakarta with the Best City of Tolerance award in Indonesia.

The Visions of Peace Initiative, through its programs has taught more than 400,000 Indonesian participants to embrace the universal values of interfaith and social decency known as The Golden Rule, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

The non-profit Visions of Peace Initiative is committed to motivating Indonesia’s youth, aged 5 years to 18 years, to use their artistic talents to spread ideas and share perspectives on tolerance, peace, and respect for humanity.

Schools, orphanages and social organizations, representing all religions and ethnic denominations, have participated in more than 200 Visions Peace Initiative

events and programs.

In response to Mayor Gibran’s commitment to promoting tolerance and respect, the city of Surakarta was chosen to spotlight the Visions of Peace Initiative’s activities to celebrate the Birth of Pancasila 2024. The celebration included screenings of “The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others…” for high school aged students as well as adults that were followed by candid questions and discussions. In addition, younger students had the opportunity to present their expressions and visions for a peaceful tomorrow through the art modalities of their choice as well.

Princess Dr. Cheryl a founder of the Visions of Peace Initiative, when asked about celebrating the Pancasila holiday commented, ” June 1 is a national holiday for Indonesians. It is a time when the country reflects on the Pancasila, the national Ideology, that forms the national foundation and defines the way of life for the country. The Principles of the Pancasila promote respect for an inclusive and civilized society as presented in the Indonesian motto, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, and provide for unity, with respect for the diversity of all Indonesians. It is an affirmation of the ‘Golden Rule: Do unto others, as you would want to have done to yourself’, a universal value that is central to every faith and religion. The precepts of Pancasila are important to be remembered and acknowledged.”

Princess Dr. Cheryl, concluded with her guarded optimism, “”I want to applaud Mayor Gibran, who when he came into office was facing a city with a reputation for violence and terrorism. He committed himself and wholeheartedly dedicated himself to changing the image of Surakarta. Today, Surakarta, is a city of tolerance. I pray that other mayors, on each of the islands of the Republic, will follow the intiatives and directives that he has taken as Mayor of Surakarta.’

And, I hope that when Mayor Gibran assumes his national position as the Vice President of Indonesia that he will continue to serve as a role model for tolerance, civil behavior and social harmony throughout the Republic and beyond.”

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