Delirious Walrus Announces the Sage Chronicles Revitalized and Reimagined: The Sage Chronicles Unveils New Editions With Mesmerizing Covers
The Way Beyond: Book One of The Sage Chronicles Hits Shelves December 20th with Riveting New Edition

The Sage Chronicles: New editions

The sage Chronicles by Karima Vargas Bushnell features new covers from award winning cover designer Richard LJOENES

The Sage Chronicles, a noteworthy but comparatively undiscovered literary series, is celebrating a major milestone with the release of captivating new editions and covers for two significant titles. These editions exemplify the refined craftsmanship of an up-and-coming author, offering readers a fresh outlook.

Readers encounter a hidden gem with the re-release of The Way Beyond: The Life and Times of Halcyon Sage, available December 20th, 2023. This jigsaw puzzle of intersecting worldviews, the first volume of The Sage Chronicles, was previously hailed by a small group of book enthusiasts and delighted critics for its immersive and engaging content. BlueInk Review wrote that it possessed “the stirring immediacy of a guitar riff,” while Foreword Reviews called it “deliciously funny fiction” and Kirkus Reviews, "a madcap novel, leaping and lurching with a frenetic energy reminiscent of mid-1960s postmodernism." This new edition has undergone significant revisions, showcasing the author’s refined storytelling skills and providing an enhanced and accessible entry into the story’s world. Readers will be drawn in by the endearing characters and the spectrum of captivating themes. ISBN:978-1-7334288-4-2; eISBN:978-1-7334288-7-3.

ADVANCE PRAISE FOR THE NEW EDITION: The Way Beyond is a fanciful escape over less traveled paths of whimsical adventure, dotted with oases of deep religious and political reflection. Unlike anything I’ve ever read! -- Author James Partlow

The Book of Squidly Light, Book 2 in the series and due for release in early 2024, had previously held the spotlight as a May 2020 featured pick from the American Library Association’s Booklist Magazine. Now it returns in a new edition to extend and deepen the original vision of The Sage Chronicles. The author says of this book, "If The Way Beyond is a square, then The Book of Squidly Light is a cube." ISBN:978-1-7334288-5-9; eISBN:978-1-7334288-8-0.

These new editions arrive hot on the heels of the companion volume, Sage’s Multiverse Mini-Series, published November 30, 2020, a tapestry of viewpoints and experiences spanning short stories, mini-novels, poetry, interviews, and diaries. This immersive journey into a quirky multiverse offers readers an enriched experience that not only adds to Halycon Sage's universe but also rejuvenates it. ISBN:978-1-7334288-35-5.eISBN:978-1-7334288-66-6.

Award-winning design artist Richard Ljoenes contributed dazzling covers for all three books. His vibrant, multicolored creations, together with inspired and often humorous interior graphics from artist B.C. Hatch, add an additional magic, helping to unfurl the narratives, bring the author’s words to life in a visually satisfying way, and draw the reader deeper into the narrative.

The Sage Chronicles presents a rich mix of realities and captivating characters, blending the absurd with the profound. It offers abundant enjoyment and thought-provoking moments.

Author Bio: Multicultural by birth, association, and choice, Karima Vargas Bushnell (M.A. Intercultural Relations) has worked as an adjunct professor of Intercultural Communication, a refugee/immigrant job counselor, a county court reporter, and a web moderator for the London Times Online. Karima’s primary interest is in borders: not physical, but spiritual, mental, and emotional ones, the liminal spaces between worldviews, where reality is negotiable. Her books occupy the borders of metafiction, literary fiction, and science fiction and illuminate the borders between her characters’ radically different cultures and worldviews. Her protagonist, the mysterious author Halcyon Sage, is a border crosser par excellence.

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