ATLANTA, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Apex Social Group, the leading provider of care and support services for families with children of all abilities, recently concluded a highly successful three-day Leadership Retreat in Atlanta. The event, held from January 24th to 26th, brought together the Apex Care & Development team to cultivate continuous improvement, development, and connection.

At the core of Apex Social’s ethos lies a commitment to excellence in care. This commitment was exemplified during the retreat as team members embraced the organization’s core competency of Living in a Growth Mindset. This mindset fosters a dedication to continuous improvement, a thirst for learning, and a fearless attitude toward embracing challenges.

The retreat not only focused on significant strategies but also delved into the significance of “the little things,” recognizing their profound impact on overall service excellence. From the smallest gestures to attention to detail, the team learned how these elements contribute to building lasting and impactful relationships with the host families and the Apex Care Professionals they serve.

The retreat featured esteemed guest speaker Horst Schulze, co-founder of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Group and author of “Excellence Wins.” Mr. Schulze’s insights resonated deeply with attendees, profoundly impacting their approach to operations and organizational culture. He emphasized the importance of every interaction, highlighting how each touchpoint with families can shape their experience and perception of the organization.

“We were honored to learn from the legendary leader, Horst Schulze,” said Susan Asay, Founder of Apex Social Group. “His guidance has reshaped how we operate and who we attract to our organization.”

The retreat also included a visit to the corporate offices of Chick-fil-A, where attendees gained valuable insights into the principles that have driven the company’s global success. Participants delved into the origins of the iconic brand, learning about its humble beginnings and the principles that fueled its success. This experience provided a unique perspective on the power of vision, dedication, and customer-centric values.

Additionally, a session led by David G. Salyers focused on creating a transformative culture in the workplace, inspiring team members to engage with passion and purpose. Salyers emphasized the importance of creating a remarkable experience for both employees and customers, highlighting how a positive workplace culture translates into exceptional care for families.

“As we reflect on our time in Atlanta, the words of Horst Schulze, the insights from Chick-fil-A, and the inspiration from David G. Salyers continue to resonate,” added Ms. Asay. “We are more committed than ever to fostering a Growth Mindset and pushing the boundaries of our leadership development programs.”

The Leadership Retreat served as a catalyst for Apex Social Group, propelling the organization toward greater success and excellence in care provision. As the team continues its journey, they invite others to join them in making a remarkable difference in the lives of those they serve.

“I know I speak for our whole team when I say I am grateful that Apex Social Group invests in us and enables us to become the best versions of ourselves, so that we may give the very best service to all of our host families and Apex Care Professionals,” said Debbie Hochberg, Director of Apex Care & Development for New Jersey.

About Apex Social Group:

Founded in 2008, Apex Social Group is the leading Child Care Provider for families with children of all abilities and all ages – from newborns to young adults. Apex Social is particularly situated to assist families with children who have special needs as our Apex Care Professionals – both from the United States and abroad – have specialized training in fields which include nursing, occupational and physical therapy, and speech therapy. Apex Social offers a boutique-style service experience that reaches beyond the traditional nanny agency service. To learn more about Apex Social Group, visit apex-social.com and follow Apex Social on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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